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  • Getting Started With Seeds eBook


    Getting Started With Seeds eBook

    What’s included –
    Two 8.5 x 11 Printable PDF cover pages
    One 8.5 x 11 Printable PDF About Me page
    One 8.5 x 11 Printable PDF important points page
    28 8.5 x 11 Printable PDF pages (not all are completely full of text)

    Here is what this eBook covers:
    Why save seeds?
    What is a seed?
    Looking back at the origin of seed saving
    Making sense of various types of seeds
    – open-pollinated seeds
    – heirloom seeds
    – hybrid seeds
    – GMOs
    – spores
    Learning the lingo: botanical names vs common names
    Distinguishing between genus and species
    Finding the botanical names of your plants

    There is a total of one PDF file you need to download.

    Instructions –
    1. Add to Cart and compete the Check-out process.
    2. After check-out you’ll be able to immediately download the three separate PNG files.
    3. Print off as many as you want.
    4. Contact us if you have any issues.

    This is a digital only product, and no physical product or material will be sent to you.
    Print the files as many times as you want.
    File is for personal use only.
    This file is not for resale.
    Due to the nature of the product, there is no returns, but if you have any problems please contacts us to see what we can do.

  • Gnomes In The Garden Coloring Pages Printable Instant Download


    Gnomes In The Garden Coloring Pages Printable Instant Download

    What’s included –
    One 8.5 x 11 Printable Cover PDF File
    Twenty-one 8.5 x 11 Printable PDF Files

    There is five PDF files you need to download.

    Instructions –
    1. Add to Cart and compete the Check-out process.
    2. After check-out you’ll be able to immediately download the three separate PNG files.
    3. Print off as many as you want.
    4. Contact us if you have any issues.

    This is a digital only product, and no physical product or material will be sent to you.
    Print the files as many times as you want.
    File is for personal use only.
    This file is not for resale.
    Due to the nature of the product, there is no returns, but if you have any problems please contacts us to see what we can do.

  • A variety of tropical plants including Hoya, Canna, Banana, Philodendron Pink Princess and Caladium.

    Growing Tropical Plants


    Growing tropical plants – also known as houseplants – indoors is fun and enjoyable plus many of them clean the indoor of pollutants.

    It is easy to grow exotic looking plants that produce tropical fruit and colorful flowers in a pot in your living room or office.

    Many of these plants are easy to start from seed and I share with you five plants that I recommend for indoor growing.

    I also share with you why growing your own tropical fruit saves money.

    In this video you will learn:

    • How to bring tropical plants indoors at the end of summer
    • How to grow tropical plants indoors
    • How to protect and overwinter tropical plants outdoors in cold climates
    • How to propagate tropical plants
    • How to water tropcial plants
    • How to grow topical plants in a greenhouse

  • Harvest of Haunts: Spooky Farm Adventures Halloween Charades Game


    Get ready for a unique Halloween twist on charades with ‘Harvest of Haunts.’ This instant download printable game merges Halloween excitement and homesteading charm.

    Perfect for homeschool, school, or Halloween parties, it includes game play instructions, blank adventure sheets, and pages of words for endless creativity.

    Have a spooktacular time with ‘Harvest of Haunts.’

    File is for personal use only! Not for resale!

  • Holiday DIY Guide For Homesteader’s


    Elevate your homestead holiday experience with our comprehensive 72-page Holiday DIY Guide!

    Packed with down-to-earth tips, this guide covers everything from creating a farm-to-table feast with seasonal delights to crafting personalized gifts and hosting eco-friendly gatherings.

    You’ll find numerous links to canning recipes, homemade goodies, and DIY craft products, making it your ultimate holiday companion.

    Make your celebrations more sustainable, meaningful, and stress-free.

    Get your copy today!

  • Homeschool Lesson Plan Printable


    This homeschool lesson plan has a daily lesson plant, a calendar where you can write in monthly topics, a calendar for home work due dates, and a home work summary page. Simply print out the downloadable PDF, print it out and fill it out how you wish. For personal use only. Not for resale.

  • Homesteader’s Self-Care Journal


    Welcome to your essential companion for a harmonious winter on the homestead – the Homesteaders Self-Care Journal.

    As homesteaders, we know the joys and challenges that come with living close to the land.

    Winter brings its unique set of tasks and experiences, and it’s crucial to ensure you take care of yourself while you tend to your homestead.

    Our Homesteaders Self-Care Journal is more than a journal; it’s your dedicated space for reflection, self-discovery, and self-nurturing during the winter months.

    Inside, you’ll find:

    Assessment Questions: Begin your self-care journey by answering ten thought-provoking questions tailored to the homesteader’s lifestyle. Reflect on your well-being and identify areas where self-care can make a difference.

    Favorite Winter Moments: Celebrate the beauty of winter and your homestead as you record your most cherished winter experiences.

    Winter Challenges I’ve Overcome: Acknowledge your strength and resilience by jotting down the obstacles you’ve conquered on your homestead during the cold season.

    5 Self-Care Ideas: Discover quick and effective self-care practices designed with homesteaders in mind. These ideas will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, even during busy winter days.

    Self-Care Log: Keep a record of your daily self-care activities. Note the date, the activity you indulged in, how long you spent, and how it made you feel. Tracking your self-care helps you see the positive impact it has on your life.

    Self-Care Checklist: Stay motivated with a checklist of self-care activities. Mark off each one as you complete it, ensuring you prioritize self-nurturing.

    Gratitude Journal Pages: Cultivate gratitude with dedicated journal pages. Express what you’re thankful for and nurture a positive mindset.

    36 Homesteader’s Winter Affirmation Cards: Draw daily inspiration from our collection of winter-themed affirmations. Choose one to focus on each day, empowering yourself with positive thoughts.

    Homesteaders Winter Bucket List Ideas: Kickstart your winter adventures with two pages of inspiring ideas tailored to homesteaders. From creative prompts to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone.

    Winter Bucket List Checklist: Keep track of your winter bucket list achievements with this handy checklist.

    Our Homesteaders Self-Care Journal is a heartfelt invitation to prioritize yourself during the winter season.

    Embrace self-nurturing, strengthen your connection with your homestead, and create a harmonious balance between caring for your land and caring for yourself.

    Start your self-care journey today and embrace the beauty of winter on your homestead with open arms.

    You deserve it.

    Get your Homesteaders Self-Care Journal now and make this winter your most nurturing one yet.

  • Homesteader’s Self-Care Toolkit


    Elevate your homesteading experience with our Homesteader’s Self-Care Toolkit.

    Uncover a curated collection of self-care rituals, stress-relief techniques, and journaling prompts tailored specifically for the unique demands of rural life.

    From morning gratitude practices to mindful chores, this toolkit empowers you to prioritize your well-being on your homestead journey.

    Explore meditation, deep breathing exercises, and soothing stretches designed to alleviate stress while embracing the rustic charm of your lifestyle.

    Plus, indulge in the joy of goat yoga with our easy-to-follow instructions.

    Elevate your self-care journey today and celebrate the harmonious fusion of homesteading and well-being.

  • Homesteader’s Time Management Guide


    Achieve a harmonious and productive homesteading life with our comprehensive Time Management Guide.

    Discover seasonal strategies, prioritized task lists, and time-saving hacks tailored to your homesteading journey.

    Don’t let time slip away in chaos; transform your homesteading experience today!

  • Homesteading Binder


    This is a 155 Page Homesteading Binder that contains everything you need to get your homestead off to a good start.

    Print out all 155 pages and place them in the binder, or just print what you need as you need it.

    Here is a list of the pages in the homestading binder.

    • Homesteading For Newbies Tips & Tricks Page
    • What Is Homesteading Pages
    • What It Means To Live On A Homestead Pages
    • Benefits Of Starting A Homestead Pages
    • Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Homestead Pages
    • Homestead Skills To Learn Cover Page
    • What Skills Are Needed To Become A Homesteader Pages
    • Simple Things You Can Do Now If You Want To Be A Homesteader Pages
    • 10 Essential Things Needed To Start A Homestead Pages
    • Homestead Skills To Learn Checklist Filled And Blank
    • Homestead First Year Goals Cover Page
    • Making Master Goal List For Newbie Homesteaders Pages
    • Homestead Why Start One Checklist
    • Homestead First Year Goals Ideas Checklist
    • Master Homestead Goals Outline Filled And Blank
    • First Year Newbie Homestead Skills You Can Learn From Apartment Pages
    • First Year Newbie Homestead Checklist Filled And Blank
    • How To Start A Homestead No Matter Where You Live Pages
    • How To Be Prepared Like A Homesteader Pages
    • Getting Started Guide To Homestead Living Pages
    • Homestead Wish List Blank Lined Page
    • 9 Easy Steps To Start Your Very Own Backyard Homestead Pages
    • How An Apartment Dweller Can Move Out An Start A Homestead With Very Little Money Pages
    • Homestead Wish List Lined Notes Page
    • Buying Land Tips Cover Page
    • How To Buy Land For Homesteading Pages
    • Tips On Buying A Homestead On A Budget Pages
    • Where To Start Looking For Homestead Land When Your Broke
    • How Country Neighbors Etiquette Is Different Pages
    • 10 Top Things To Consider Before Buying Land For A Homestead Pages
    • Homestead Buying Land Checklist Filled And Blank
    • Homestead Land Buying Notes Blank Line
    • 10 Reasons Why To Never Buy Your First Homestead Property Sight Unseen Pages
    • What To Do If There Is No Water On The Homestead Property Pages
    • How To Live On Land With No Running Water Or Electricity Pages
    • Must Have Off Grid Essentials For Your Homestead Pages
    • Essential Power Equipment Needed For The New Homesteader Pages
    • Work At Home Ideas Cover Page
    • How Do Homesteaders Make Money Pages
    • How To Start An Urban Homestead Business Pages
    • 10 Work At Home Ideas For Homesteaders Pages
    • Homestead Money Making Ideas Blank Line Page
    • Work At Home Ideas For Homesteaders Blank Lined Page
    • Homestead Chicken Tips & Tricks Cover Page
    • Homestead Tips For Raising Chickens For Profit Pages
    • Homestead Baby Chicks Care 101 Pages
    • Homestead Laying Chickens The Benefits Of Tracking Egg Production Pages
    • Monthly And Annual Egg Collection Sheet
    • How To Thrive During Rough Times On The Homestead Pages
    • Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Your Homestead Pages
    • Kitchen Gadget Wish List Blank Lined
    • Easy Garden Vegetable To Grow That Will Keep You From Starving Pages
    • Benefits Of Growing A Garden In Containers For Homesteaders Pages
    • 16 Must Haves Garden Tools For Your Homestead Pages
    • Homestead Income and Expense Sheets
    • Monthly Farmers Market Event Planner Checklist Blank
    • Farmers Market To-Do List Blank Page
    • Farmers Market Inventory Checklist Lined Blank
    • Farmers Market Sales Sheet Lined Blank
    • Homestead Food Preserve Challenge Cover Page
    • Food Preserving Planner Lined Page Blank
    • Food Preserve Challenge Checklist
    • Food Preserve Challenge Recipes Sheet
    • Preserves Notes Lined Sheet
    • Homestead Notes Cover Page
    • Weekly Chores Sheet Lined Blank
    • Homestead Project Planner Lined Blank
    • Garden Tool Wish List Sheet
    • Plants Wish List Lined Sheet
    • Homestead Garden Planner Lined Sheet
    • Homestead Harvest Sheet
    • Seeds On Hand Sheet
    • Blank Lined Sheets
    • Homestead Wish List Lined Sheet
    • Homestead Notes Blank Lined Page

    …plus so much more!

    You will get seven different downloadable PDF files you can print out.

    These are for personal use only. Not for resale.

    Order your printable Homesteading Binder today!

  • Homesteading Bundle


    Printable Homesteading Journal

    This is the ultimate Homesteading Journal!

    It simply has everything you need to keep track of what is happening on your homestead!

    The journal is broken down into three seperate Printables so you only need to print what you need.

    The Homesteading Planning and Finance Journal contains worksheets to track annual projects, monthly goals, has a monthly expense tracker, a monthly income tracker, a weekly bee keeping schedule, a weekly garden schedule, a weekly homestead schedule, weekly chore chart, garden layout planner, a monthly garden planner and a place for notes.

    The Homestead Management and Records Journal contains an area for contacts, a seed planting log, a flower tracker, an herb tracker, a vegetable tracker, a seed harvest log, a flower harvest log, an herbs harvest log, a fruit and vegetable harvest log, a produce preservation methods sheet, a preserves recipes sheet, a monthly egg production tracker, an annual egg production tracker, a beehive inspection sheet and a place for notes.

    The Homestead Market Days Tracker contains a market planner, a market preparation sheet, market inventory and price list sheet, market product sales sheet and a place for notes.

    Printable Emergency Prep Journal Coloring Pages

    This is a digital download of Emergency Prep Journal Pages. These can be printed and colored or simply left black and white. They are meant to be filled out by the new owner.
    Pages include –

    • Two different 52 week storage plans
    • 72 Hour Emergency Kit
    • Emergency Car Kit
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Emergency Info
    • Family Emergency Plan
    • Two different First Aid Kit Checklists
    • Go Bag Checklist
    • Utility Contacts

    These are perfect to print, color and hang on the refrigerator, put in your car or go bag in case of an emergency situation.

    Preparing For Shortages eBook

    It’s called Preparing For Shortages for a reason!

    There are so many things that can go wrong, but don’t worry.

    We have your back with tons of useful information on how to prepare for many types of shortages.

    Each section of this eBook offers two to three quick tips to help you prepare for electricity shortages, gas shortages, food shortages and water shortages.

    Don’t get caught off guard with no emergency preparedness plan!



  • Herb seeds in a red basket with a bow as well as images of herbs and herb plant names written on pieces of paper.

    How To Make An Herb Garden Gift


    Discover the art of creating exquisite herb garden gifts with our comprehensive eCourse.

    Join us as we guide you step by step through the process of crafting three unique and captivating presents, while also sharing invaluable tips on herb propagation.

    Our eCourse showcases three delightful gift ideas that are sure to impress:

    1. Herbal Mason Jar Trio: Transform ordinary mason jars into stunning herb gardens that add a touch of natural beauty to any space.

    2. Trio of Herbs in Small Clay Pots: Create a charming ensemble of herbs in adorable clay pots, perfect for gifting or enhancing your own garden.

    3. Herbal Advent Calendar: Prepare to be enchanted by the star of our collection—the herb garden Advent Calendar. Not only does it make a splendid gift, but it is also an excellent resource for homeschool families.

    Imagine the joy as children plant herb seeds or seedlings in tiny buckets and suspend them near a window, witnessing the herbs flourish throughout the winter months.

    Each day brings an opportunity to cultivate an herb in the buckets and delve into a captivating lesson about its unique qualities.

    What’s more, the supplies for the Advent Calendar are readily available at dollar stores, or you can exercise your creativity by repurposing materials you already have on hand.

    Whether you have a deep love for herbs or know someone who does, this eCourse is an absolute must-have.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a fulfilling journey of herb gardening and gift-making!