Hi, I’m Sheri Ann Richerson!

Thank you for considering purchasing items from Exotic Gardening Farms and Wildlife Habitat and the Experimental Homesteader Shop. Our items are handmade with care using as many items as possible from our own farm. We feed our animals certified organic feed and do not use pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals on our animals or land.

We raise chickens, ducks, a variety of rabbits including angora and Leicester Longwool heritage sheep. We have Nubian/Alpine cross dairy does, cashmere does and an angora buck that we use to breed our does. Our goat kids are either cashgora or dairy/angora crosses. We also have a variety of baby chicks, ducks, lambs and bunnies that are available for purchase in season. 

We offer a wide variety of seeds, plants, rag rugs, woven items, goat milk soaps and other homemade bath products, gift baskets, wreaths, candles, fresh and dried herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as fiber (angora, mohair and cashmere). We also sell full grown roosters ready for you to butcher and farm fresh eggs from our chickens. And now printables, eBooks and eCourses!

All items are subject to availability. Please inquire about what we have available for sale. The money from the items you purchase is used to help keep the farm going by providing food to both the wild and domestic animals that live here.

Sheri Ann

Where you can find me!

You can find me on most social media sites under either Sheri Ann Richerson or SheriARicherson, but Facebook is where you will find me most of the time.

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