Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle



Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle

Welcome to the Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle, your comprehensive guide to successful homesteading!

This bundle includes three invaluable resources:

  1. Homesteading For Newbies Binder: A 155-page binder packed with tips, tricks, and essential knowledge for new homesteaders. Print what you need when you need it.
  2. Homestead Livestock Management Binder: Manage your livestock with ease using our seven-section binder, complete with printable PDFs for chickens, rabbits, horses, goats, and financial tracking.
  3. Food Preservation Binder: Preserve your harvest effectively with planning sheets, equipment checklists, recipe sheets, and more.

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll receive the Seed Starting Planner in both full color and black/white versions.

This digital-only product is perfect for anyone looking to embrace the homesteading lifestyle, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Add to your cart now and start your homesteading journey today!


Discover the Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle: Your Gateway to Self-Sufficiency!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and the simple joys of homesteading? Look no further than the Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle – your comprehensive toolkit to master the art of homesteading, right from the comfort of your home.

What You Get:

1. Homesteading For Newbies Binder (155 Pages):

  • Gain insights with “Homesteading For Newbies Tips & Tricks.”
  • Understand the essence of homesteading with “What Is Homesteading.”
  • Embrace the lifestyle with “What It Means To Live On A Homestead.”
  • Learn from experienced homesteaders with “Benefits Of Starting A Homestead.”
  • Avoid common pitfalls with “Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Homestead.”
  • Develop essential skills listed in “What Skills Are Needed To Become A Homesteader.”
  • Start today with actionable steps in “Simple Things You Can Do Now If You Want To Be A Homesteader.”
  • Equip yourself with “10 Essential Things Needed To Start A Homestead.”
  • Stay organized with a “Homestead Skills To Learn Checklist,” both filled and blank.
  • Set goals using “Homestead First Year Goals Cover Page” and “Master Homestead Goals Outline,” also in both filled and blank formats.
  • Discover unique insights like “How An Apartment Dweller Can Move Out And Start A Homestead With Very Little Money.”
  • Master the art of land acquisition with “Buying Land Tips Cover Page” and a handy “Homestead Buying Land Checklist.”
  • And much, much more!

2. Homestead Livestock Management Binder:

  • Maintain your livestock with precision using seven 8.5 x 11 printable PDF cover pages.
  • Track chicken information, medical logs, and egg collections.
  • Manage your rabbit barn, breeding, and medical records.
  • Keep records for horses, goats, and more.
  • Monitor your monthly and yearly income and expenses.
  • Stay on top of livestock-related tasks with ease.

3. Food Preservation Binder:

  • Preserve your harvest with efficiency and confidence.
  • Plan your preservation methods with handy sheets.
  • Document your favorite recipes for future use.
  • Maintain detailed logs for canning, dehydration, pickling, fermenting, and freezing.
  • Keep track of your food inventory and storage.
  • Enhance your food preservation process with custom stickers.

4. Seed Starting Planner (Full Color and Black/White Versions):

  • Organize your seed starting activities effectively.
  • Plan your seeds and gardening activities with ease.
  • Maintain a seed inventory for future reference.
  • Record your gardening journey in a journal.

Why Choose the Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle?

This digital-only bundle empowers you to embark on your homesteading journey or enhance your existing skills, all from the comfort of your home. You’ll receive seven downloadable PDF files, ready to print and use at your convenience.

Take the first step towards self-sufficiency, sustainable living, and a deeper connection with nature. Add the Ultimate Homesteader’s Bundle to your cart now and make your homesteading dreams a reality!


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