Maple Syrup



Savor farm-fresh delight with our small-batch maple syrup. Pure sweetness from homestead to table. Limited stock. Local delivery or pickup.

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Hey, syrup enthusiasts! Our homestead is buzzing with excitement as we unveil the pure, golden goodness of fresh maple syrup!

Picture this: velvety, homemade maple syrup cascading over your morning pancakes or adding that perfect touch of sweetness to your favorite recipes.

Straight from our farm to your table, our maple syrup is a true labor of love.

Limited Quantities: We tap our maple trees in February and collect sap for just one sweet month. It’s a small-batch delight, so grab yours before it vanishes!

Straight from Nature: Our syrup has one hero ingredient – pure maple sap. No additives, no fuss, just the wholesome goodness of nature in a jar.

Farm-Fresh Goodness: When you buy our syrup, you’re not just getting a sweet treat; you’re supporting our homestead dreams. Each jar carries the essence of our farm and the hard work we put into crafting this liquid gold.

Perfect Gift: Searching for a unique gift? Our 1/2 pint mason jars make delightful presents. Share the warmth and sweetness with your loved ones.

Eager to indulge in the farm-fresh joy of our pure maple syrup? Hit that ‘Add’ button and let the sweetness journey begin!

Please note, it’s local delivery or pickup only. We’re bringing the goodness right to your doorstep or eagerly awaiting your visit.

Limited quantities, maximum flavor – because life’s too short for bland syrup!


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