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  • Sourdough Bread – Round Loaf


    Welcome to Exotic Gardening Farm & Wildlife Habitat, where every loaf tells a tale of craftsmanship and flavor!

    Our Sourdough Magic: Indulge in the art of sourdough baking with our round loaves, lovingly crafted in a cast iron dutch oven. The unique designs on top are a testament to our commitment to making each loaf a special experience.

    Premium Ingredients: We believe in quality, which is why we use a blend of ground hard red wheat berries and organic unbleached flour. Paired with pure water and a pinch of iodized salt, our sourdoughs are a celebration of wholesome goodness.

    Local Pickup or Delivery: Currently, we offer the convenience of local pickup or delivery, ensuring you get your hands on the freshest loaves right at your doorstep. Sorry, no shipping at the moment – but hey, it’s worth the short trip!

    Ready to elevate your bread game? Place your order now and savor the delicious difference of Exotic Gardening Farm & Wildlife Habitat. Your taste buds are in for a treat!