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  • Vegetable Nature Study And Flashcards Printable Game


    This is a Vegetable Nature Study And Flashcards Printable Game. There is a page of cards that need cut apart after they are printed. Each card has a picture of a vegetable on it as well as the name of the vegetable. I suggest printing these out on cardstock then laminating them so they are reusable. These cards can be used as flash cards. There is also a vegetable information sheet. Another fun way to use the cards is to show the card to your child, then have them fill out the information sheet with the common and scientific name of the vegetable as well as other common names, the type of climate where it thrives as well as the type such as leafy green or edible plant stem. Then there is an area to describe what it tastes like, other vegetables it’s similar to, edible parts and familiar dishes. There are numerous ways to use this to educate both kids and adults. This is a great homeschooling activity as well. File is a downloadable PDF that you can print out. For personal use only. Not for resale.